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Globalisation… and walls (Masha Loyak, 2006)

Globalisation and the walls seem to be two opposing concepts and yet today, after dismantling the Berlin Wall and the Iron Curtain we are still building other and new “walls” … Published on October 19th, 2006, ten years ago, this article by Masha Loyak, writer close to Franck Biancheri, is a striking example of lucidity that the network around him showed about the changing world and Europe.

This article is an excerpt from the booklet “1989-2914: From one wall to another” published October 2006 on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall with a series of texts by Franck Biancheri, but also authors close to him, like Masha Loyak.

-> This article is only available in French: La globalisation… et les murs, Masha Loyak (19 October 2016)

FB D'un mur

 Download the booklet

 1989-2014: From One Wall to Another

 (booklet 26/10/2014)

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