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The Charter

Moral Charter of the Friends of Franck Biancheri Association


The Association «Les Amis de Franck Biancheri» (AAFB) was created in tribute to Franck Biancheri, a politician and pro-European democrat who died on the 30th of October 2012 in Paris, at the age of 51.

The AAFB was initiated by Marie-Hélène Caillol (his companion and closest colleague), their daughter Carla, his friends and former road companions and also all those who identify themselves with the ideas and values defended by Franck Biancheri.

Through this charter, the members of the AAFB Association, whether their category be founder, supporter, donor, or honorific member, are committed to:

  • keep Franck Biancheri’s legacy alive, by developing and collectively feeling responsible to promote and faithfully protect his work;
  • continue Franck Biancheri’s battle for a Europe which would be democratic and promote peace within its own borders and beyond. Be a Europe open to the world, in line with trends, acting on its founding values and positively influencing the international stage; one which respectsdiversity – something which has received much praise within its integration project– and that calls itself independent and balanced, due to its strong international relations;
  • remain faithful to Franck Biancheri’s main principles of independence, righteousness, the freedom to think and act and not compromising on ideas and values;
  • resist and fight back any attempts of misappropriation and hijacking of Franck Biancheri’s image, name and projects in their own interest.

The membership to the AAFB Association requires the signing of this moral charter and the payment of an annual fee; the amount and payment terms are set by the board of the association and approved by the General Assembly (see list of fees).By signing this charter, you agree that your membership will automatically renew until you inform us to cancel. Once cancelled you will lose your membership status and all connected rights (including voting rights).

Current and future members of the Association of Friends of Franck Biancheri understand and agree with the terms of this Moral Charter.

To become a member of the Association of Friends of Franck Biancheri,

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