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“En route…for the Newropeans Democratic Marathon”, Franck Biancheri (2003)

After the recent announcement by Yanis Varoufakis of the creation of DiEM25 European political movement , which intends to revitalize the democratic hope in Europe by federating political awareness of the civil society, the AAFB proposes an article retracing the launch of Newropeans movement in 2004, which was presented at that time as the first (and only) party of supranational European inspiration.

Discover the article: “En route…for the Newropeans Democratic Marathon

written by Franck Biancheri (2003) – in english

In 2003, Franck Biancheri did something unique, unprecedented and unrepeated ever since. Him alone toured the whole of Europe during one year, debating on “Where is Europe going?” with citizens in 100 different cities : the Newropeans Democracy Marathon. For this physical and intellectual feat, he was elected European hero of the year by the readers of Time Magazine. But even more importantly, it is on this incredible basis that he tested “15 proposals for an enlarged and efficient Europe” which became the programme of the trans-European political party, Newropeans, that he launched two years later : the 16 proposals, resulting from these 100 debates, the most democratic and trans-European programme ever. Who in Europe can claim such grass-root connection to European public opinion?

Video “Launching of the Newropeans’ european campaign” (2008) – in french

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