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Peace in Europe = EU + Social Security. Franck Biancheri, 2008

In 2008, when the global systemic crisis slammed into Europe and the world, and started widening cracks in the European welfare systems, Franck Biancheri in an article entitled “Peace in Europe = EU + Social Security” reminded that it was “thanks to the European integration and the generalisation of social security systems that Europe managed to avoid its traditional civil wars for 60 years.

Regarding social security (social protection) Franck Biancheri identified “universality, unity and equality” as the three fundamental principles of a European social system, ensuring peace and prosperity on the European continent: “everyone benefits from it, everyone is on the same “boat” and everyone receives as much as his neighbor. “…

Today the social crisis has only worsened, inequalities increased, discontent grown. Faced with rising social anger throughout Europe, the EU is unable to respond, member states having unraveled their social systems, the EU is failing to put in place the required policy tools and programs alongside the austerity programmes imposed on citizens in Europe to rescue banks, states and currency.

And we see today the rise of what Franck Biancheri described, talking about the period before the second world war: “The rise of fascism in the 1930s highlighted the serious threat to democracy and peace represented by millions of poor, jobless and incomeless, easy preys to dictators and xenophobic and ultra-nationalist ideologies.

Beyond the moral and social requirement, sustainability of the social protection system is also a way to “remove the breeeding groups of future Hitlers, Mussolinis, Petains…“, something that our national and European elites seem to have not yet understood – unless they can’t do anything about it…

→ Download pdf: Peace in Europe = EU + Social Security (Franck Biancheri, 24/01/2008)

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