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Official launch of the “LEAP Academy” and Euro-BRICS webinars on Political Anticipation

The AAFB is glad to share the program of activites of the LEAP Academy, and to inform you about the organization of a series of three online seminars on “Political Anticipation applied to the new multipolar global configuration challenges: the Euro-BRICS angle”.

The first session, primarly reserved for the Euro-BRICS members, was hold on the 15th of February 2016 and dealt with Political Anticipation – the methodological tool it used to recognise the future-bearing potential of the Euro-BRICS connection and on which both the Euro-BRICS project and LEAP itself are based. This first webinar, completely free, sounded like a great opportunity to get to know a wonderful tool for any aspiring politician, activist, government official and change maker…

The second webinar will take place on the 7th of March at 1pm (cet) on a dedicated webinar plateform and will this time build on the fruitful talks and discussions of the first seminar. For this second edition, LEAP is proud to announce that it got fabulous speakers out of its Advisory Board — experts on the multipolar world and on analysing its current and future direction. With Prof. Dr. Alexander Zhebit from Brazil and Prof. Dr. Irina Yargyna from Russia the participants will discuss challenges, risks and opportunities of the emerging multipolar world with regards to the global political turmoil we currently witness.

The AAFB will soon let you know about the program and thematics of the LEAP Academy’s third webinar : we will keep you posted!

Meanwhile, if you are interested in joining LEAP Academy’s 90-minutes talks and discussions, send an email to fabian.wager@leap2020.eu or vbaeyaert@leap2020.net. They will be glad to provide you with more information and they will try their best to integrate you into the group!

More information and full program here

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