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News from the Franck Biancheri Network

News from the Franck Biancheri Network

Foundation for Education and Training in Political Anticipation (FEFAP)

After a nice (and sunny ?) summer, It is now time to get back in the business!
FEFAP will start the end of 2014 with a new edition of its course (October 11th-December 13th). FEFAP teaches the political Anticipation created by LEAP through a training process based on different case studies.
FEFAP offers now different options:
Basic Course: for those who want to have a first approach of the political anticipation method, you can buy one course of 1h30!
Complete course: you can choose to follow 1, 5 or 10 sessions! Learn everything about the method developed by LEAP and become an expert in Political Anticipation. Have a look at the complete program  !
Avdvanced course: exclusively reserved to former FEFAP students, and focused on one topic.
You have only one month left to sign up. Visit  or send an email @ .
See you soon! And remember: “Political Anticipation: CATCH THE FUTURE”

Announcement: FEFAP


The Ukrainian crisis and the way it has been handled by the main protagonists triggered a dramatic escalation of tensions that do not seem to find a solution six months after the Ukrainian government was overthrown.
In 2009, the Euro-BRICS project bet on the idea that an independent Europe and a fluid Euro-Russian relation were key in the emergence of a multipolar world. Indeed we can see today that, with a Europe cutting itself from BRICS’ dynamics, the world is already heading to bipolarity structured around a fundamental antagonism between the West and the BRICS.
LEAP is therefore extremely concerned by the current evolutions which no one in Europe seems capable/willing of unreeling and wishes to capitalize on its Euro-BRICS network of experts by launching a series of Euro-BRICS discussions on « The impact of the Ukrainian crisis on Euro-BRICS relations » which resulted in a Joint Statement  that was distributed to the heads of states and governments of 12 European and BRICS countries
After the success of the first event in May, the group decided to repeat the experience, identifying the next topic to be discussed.
The second Discussion of this series will take place in September 2014 (date to be commonly defined early September, local time in participating time zones is mentioned below) on this topic : “The Euro-Russia row as a result of an overlap between two economic unions: lessons for a multipolar world in the wake”. It will consist of a very open and solution-oriented 2-hour discussion, based on a series of short presentations of various positions (1 hour), followed by a wrap discussion (1 hour).
LEAP has released a Position Paper  on the topic as an introduction to the discussion.

Announcement: Euro-BRICS

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