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Marie-Hélène Caillol: my support for the European Finance-Climate Pact (Video)

Marie-Hélène Caillol, president of AAFB and LEAP2020, was among the very first signatories of the European Finance-Climate Pact launched in 2017 by a collective of European citizens around Pierre Larrouturou and Jean Jouzel. On March 15th, 2018 she moderated a panel of high level politicians in the frame of the conference “Et si l’Europe décidait de mettre la finance au service du climat?” in Paris at UNESCO (see video here: Pacte Finance Climat – UNESCO 15 mars (Partie 3) start at 1:00:20)

This project constitutes a huge challenge in the battle against climate change but also in the one for the democratisation of the European Union. The challenge to gain support of the European citizens themselves on such kind of federative project for the sake of the future of our continent, and to connect them to the European decision level is a huge step for the protection of our planet and our democracies, our European democracy.

The Coal and Steel Community was the birth of a peacefull Europe. A Climate Treaty must be its rebirth. In 1950-51, when France and Germany were just coming out of several decades of wars, a couple of months were sufficient to negotiate and implement the first European treaty. Similarly, if enough of us want it, we can direct the economic and financial power of our continent to to the safeguarding of our planet. (Call for a european Finance-Climate PACT)

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