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Happy birthday Franck!

March 11th, a new birthday, Franck would have been 59 years old, a new year, but not just any year: 2020!

2020, his first organisation, AEGEE, celebrates its 35th anniversary! 2020, following in the footsteps of IDE and Newropeans, the very first trans-European political parties and movements, a member from such a structure, Volt, sits on the board of the European Parliament, and others initiate trans-European campaigns to prepare the next European deadline, like DiEM25, and others… 2020, his companion, Marie-Hélène Caillol, and her friends have taken up his pilgrim’s staff to continue his works until the deadline he had set himself and to perpetuate it by depositing his archives with the Jean Monnet Foundation for Europe!

2020, a year of assessment, the one that will bring together old and new friends of Franck Biancheri, in October at Sciences-Po Paris, where everything started, with his very first companions on the road.

2020, a year to celebrate his memory, his legacy, to pay tribute to him with dignity.

2020! Franck, here we are! Our most affectionate thoughts are with you and your parents, your daughter and your companion, Marie-Hélène. In memoriam

The Friends of the association

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