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Franck Biancheri, figure of European construction, famous man from the city of Nice

Together with Simone Veil …

In a publication dated 12 March 2020, Ces villes françaises tournées vers l’Europe, the website Toute l’Europe, the reference site on European issues in France, presents an overview of French municipalities that are “a little more European than the others”. Among these is the city of Nice, which, we quote: “has acquired its European credentials more recently. It was the birthplace of two figures of European construction: Simone Veil, future president of the first European Parliament elected in 1979, and Franck Biancheri, one of the fathers of the Erasmus programme...”.

We are happy and proud of this quotation together with Simone Veil, an immense figure in the construction of Europe. Franck Biancheri deserves it so much! Thank you for bringing this character into our European history, born on March 11th, it is a very nice birthday present, a very nice tribute.

Moreover, Franck Biancheri is buried in the famous Trabuquet cemetery in Menton. His grave is referenced in Cemeteries of France and elsewhere (Cimetières de France et d’ailleurs): MENTON (06) : Trabuquet Cemetery: “On the height overlooking the bell towers of the church of St. Michael and the chapel of the White Penitents, two cemeteries stand out before the sky. The furthest one is called Le Trabuquet, a name coming from the traps that were once set for birds passing through on the hill…”.

Ces villes françaises tournées vers l’Europe – Toute l’Europe, 12/03/2020

We propose to read again the documentation about Franck Biancheri and Erasmus in “Special ERASMUS Anniversary – Tribute to Franck Biancheri” (AAFB) and the video: [Franck Biancheri, l’Européen] ERASMUS 1987 (Video) – the key-role played by European students for the adoption of ERASMUS:

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