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October 30, 2015: Three years without Franck, three years of loyalty to Franck


Dear Franck,

It is the third time that October 30 occurs, that date when you decided to leave us.

Three years without you.

Yet nobody can accuse us of not having picked up the gauntlet of your succession!

During your four years of illness, you concentrated your activity on writing your publication, the Global Europe Anticipation Bulletin, one of your greatest successes, which provided you with a powerful loudspeaker and a miraculous funding source.

You also focused more on your family, aware that you would perhaps not be with them much longer.

At the same time, you were still building the bricks of the edifice you were going to leave us with: Anticipolis, FEFAP, IRPA, the Euro-BRICS project, the political anticipation training … a wide range of projects/organizations that you started/created with us during those four years of illness.

Your wish, thus clearly expressed, that there had to be an after-you era, we heard it well and we put on your giant boots, we your family, your close friends, your most loyal road companions, together in order to be stronger, together in order to stay closer to your ideas, your vision, your values.

We therefore created an Association for your Friends, collectively responsible to share, bring forward and protect your life work.

For three years now, there is one word characterizing all our work: loyalty.

But loyalty also requires vigilance: not to betray your vision, your mind, your principles, your feelings, or your friends … we must consequently talk to each other and question ourselves.

Not losing track with your vision, here is one of the permanent challenges we must face… constantly going back to the essence of your ideas: a democratic Europe, vector of peace on its territory and around it, a Europe open to the world, connected to its evolution, strong of its values, positively influential on the international stage, respectful of the diversity which its integration project set at the very heart of its identity, independent by its balanced relations to the world …

Not losing track with your action principles: independence, lack of compromise, independence, integrity, independence… so dearly paid by you, something we already knew but which we now experience ourselves …

But straight in your boots, closer than ever to you, we feel pride and joy in defending this independence, your independence, your free-thinking, free-acting, free-staying focussed … we even feel pride and joy in adressing the attempts of appropriation and hijacking of your image, of your name, of your projects… that the successes we met in the past three year are beginning to generate around us nowadays.

Thus, the more we move on, the more we become you … for better or for worse, for the beauty of the aims or for the obstacles on the road that leads to them. In a way, if we were not to meet those obstacles after three years of hard work, it would have meant that we failed to be your worthy successors.

Franck, thank you for all you gave us. Deserving the responsibility of your legacy helps us grow each day.

With all our love, friendship and respect,

Your loyal Friends

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  1. Thank you, Frank, for all you gave us.

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