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Europe: Countdowns are on!

Europe: Countdowns are on!

GEAB 130 – 15/12/2018

The ‘yellow vests’ (FR), the pro- and anti-Brexit protests (UK), the German political crisis (DE), the Catalan independence movement (SP), the budget battle (IT), the labour law reform (HU), the Marrakesh agreement and ministerial reshuffle (BE)… the European element in the increasingly violent crises currently feeding the national news is striking.

The European crisis, manifested and accelerated by the result of the British referendum, has precipitated the need for a complete overhaul of the European project that has been outstanding for two years now. However, two years later, in a Europe lacking leadership, the mobilisation of countless actors (political movements, governments, economic interests, foreign powers, etc.), in search of both solutions and the means to implement them, is becoming more and more visible in the form of a rat race in which different actions cancel each other out, revealing to the Europeans the gigantic political quagmire of the continent and throwing them out into the streets, angry and panicked.

Unfortunately, the different national translations of this unique European crisis are imprisoning both citizens and politicians inside their borders more than ever before. If there is, in fact, only one major European crisis, each nation sees it operating in a very different way to their neighbours, making it increasingly difficult for their leaders to react. Yet, a common crisis needs to identify a common response. But the chances of this joint response coming from the inside is diminishing as Europeans sink into the troubled waters of their narrow national gaze.

For 13 years, the GEAB has been working to identify patterns in the apparently disparate news of a system which is notoriously globalised. In this article dedicated to the European crisis in the run-up to the EU parliamentary elections, we will dig to the heart of this rich news, trying to make sense of the chaos and indicate the density of the schedule. -> Read the free extract GEAB 130 here: First semester of 2019 – Anger of nations, Balkans, end of the QE, Special Purpose Vehicle, Brexit, Elections… Europe: Countdowns are on! 

In summary GEAB 130 (15/12/2018)

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