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First Franck Biancheri Year – Congratulations to AEGEE Delft!

First Franck Biancheri Year – Congratulations to AEGEE Delft!

AEGEE Delft has won the competition for the First Franck Biancheri Year

To help keep Franck Biancheri’s work alive, AEGEE and AAFB (Association des Amis de Franck Biancheri) have jointly created the FRANCK BIANCHERI YEAR, in which one AEGEE antenna organizes events related to the legacy of Franck Biancheri during the whole year. Each year we call all AEGEE antennas to hand in proposals and will give financial and educational support to the best project.

This year the antenna of AEGEE Delft will be the torchbearer.

First Franck Biancheri Year - Congratulations to AEGEE Delft!
They will inaugurate the year with a cultural event on March 21, which is aimed at bringing international and Dutch students together and where they will present the work of Franck Biancheri. Just before the European elections, they will organize a week of debates in cooperation with other organizations from Delft. After the elections in June there will be an event focussed on overcoming language barriers, a subject, which Franck Biancheri has seen as crucial for the European project. For the summer university they will organize together with AEGEE Leiden and Utrecht a lecture about the ideas of Franck Biancheri and they will close the year with the Franck Biancheri Memorial Event in October.


First Franck Biancheri Year - Congratulations to AEGEE Delft!
¤ Franck Biancheri (1961-2012), the founder of AEGEE was a relentless fighter for a more democratic Europe with more influence worldwide, an innovative analyst and a sharp political thinker. His life’s work can be summarized under the motto of his last appearance at the AEGEE Agora at Enschede “Occupy the Future ”. He was the initiator of citizen’s projects, the first trans-european political parties, several think-tanks and other creative projects. It was under his presidency, that AEGEE-Europe realized what can probably be considered it’s most glorious feat, and that is when it played a key role in the adoption of ERASMUS, a program wished by the heads of states, but quietly being buried by their administrations had there not been AEGEE’s decisive fight. ¤ This taught Franck that citizens where key in the success of the European construction and that a European democracy was not just a moral aim but a prerequisite of sustainability of the European project. For this reason he spent the rest of his life advocating by all means the need to democratize European decision-making processes and general functioning: by his innumerable writings on the subject, through many organizations he founded and ran (think-tanks, citizen organizations, political parties, etc…), in launching countless innovative projects (congresses, websites, debates, marathons, online elections, etc…).


AEGEE and AAFB are looking forward to the Delft FRANCK BIANCHERI YEAR and the many following years, that will be triggered through this start.

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