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[Open call] Official launch of the Franck Biancheri Award 2018 for AEGEE antennas: win 2,000 euros!

Each year, the Franck Biancheri Award allocates a financial support to the AEGEE-antenna with the most creative programme of Franck Biancheri-related activities. Be this antenna in 2018 and win the Award. Win 2,000 €!

… Invent a programme to discover and discuss the core-ideas of AEGEE-Europe’s founder. Be creative and get a chance to win 2,000 euros: apply now !

The Association des Amis de Franck Biancheri (Friends of Franck Biancheri Association – AAFB) is an association created in the aftermath of Franck Biancheri’s death which aims at gathering, synthesizing, promoting, perpetuating and defending his work.

Franck Biancheri is the founder of AEGEE-Europe. Under his presidency AEGEE-Europe played a key role in the adoption of the ERASMUS programme.

This taught Franck that citizens were instrumental in the success of the European construction. This has inspired to define the topic of the 2018′ award : “The role played by students and citizens in European modern history…. Therefore Franck Biancheri spent the rest of his life advocating the need to democratize European decision-making processes and general functioning. Unfortunately he passed away in 2012 at the early age of 51, too young to see his dream come true.

The Franck Biancheri Award was created in 2013 by the organisation now gathering his “Friends” (Association des Amis de Franck Biancheri) in order to encourage you to discover and discuss his ideas…

because it belongs to us to take up the torch he lit up,

AAFB and AEGEE-Europe launched a sustainable project aimed at reminding what AEGEE owes Franck with a view to help build on this grand heritage. This is where the “Franck Biancheri Award” – granted each year to various AEGEE antennae – was born.

logo-fbyear_2017FBAward 2017 for Budapest: In 2017, the Franck Biancheri Award was granted to AEGEE-Budapest in partnership with three other AEGEE-Europe teams of projects (Europe on Track, More than Education – European Citizens’ Initiative, Civic Education Working Group) which organized a most valuable conference on the themeEducation for the present, Democracy for the future”, April 21-23, 2017 in Budapest.

… FBAward 2018 in… your antenna?

The Franck Biancheri Award in 2018 “The role played by students and citizens in European modern history…” and two quotes for your inspiration:

“La réflexion sur l’avenir n’a de sens que si elle permet de mieux réfléchir sur le présent et les tendances qui le façonnent” (Franck BIANCHERI in Europe 2009: Quand les petits – fils d’Hitler, de Pétain, de Franco et de Mussolini prendront le pouvoir dans l’Union européenne (scénario élaboré par Franck Biancheri, pour Europe 2020, en Novembre 1998)

“… The past 50 years, which have witnessed the success of the construction of Europe by the administrative and political elites, have opened the door to the next decades for European citizens to organise their new common environment … the grand-children of the founders, i.e. the Erasmus generations, are ready to address the new historical challenge: to invent a governance for 500 million European citizens from 27 different peoples, while staying faithful to the principles of democracy, solidarity and freedom”… in “From the Treaty of Rome to Erasmus: The resounding anniversary of the European vision” (15/03/2007)

Let’s see how Franck Biancheri’s ideas can serve Europe’s challenges in 2018,

Get familiar with his work (innumerable writings on the subject, many organisations he founded and ran (think-tanks, citizen organisations, political parties, etc…), countless innovative projects (congresses, websites, debate marathons, online elections, etc…).

Build a creative programme of Franck Biancheri-related activities for your antenna in 2018

And get 2,000 euros to conduct that programme!

Be creative and get a chance to win 2,000 euros: apply now !

Download full open call here: Open Call FBA 2018

Proposals may be sent before the 27th of October 2017 to:

info@franck-biancheri.eu or headoffice@aegee.org

or share it on google drive with victoirebaeyaert@gmail.com

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