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Here we are, counting 100 editions of GEAB bulletin and 10 years of an incredible GEAB adventure!

Back in January 2006, Franck Biancheri, with the support of Marie-Hélène Caillol, launched the first GEAB published under the direction of the think-tank LEAP.

The GEAB finds its roots in a fierce desire of independence for LEAP : an intellectual independence, essential to the relevance of our work on European democratization and on Europe’s global place and role, requiring financial independence.

Thanks to its faithful collaborators, such as Sylvain Perifel, the incredible adventure of the GEAB could continue after October 2012 when Franck Biancheri (GEAB’s Director of Studies) passed away. This change resulted in a slightly different GEAB, more geopolitical-political, less focused on the collapse of the “world before”,  more oriented toward the emergence of the “world after”… but still providing a vision of the possible tracks for the reconstruction of the world, while continuing to show the destructive trends at work.

Thus, as we approach the end of 2015, the AAFB is proud to announce the publication of the 100th GEAB issue – which confirms the continuity of the bulletin – and invites you to read the editorial tracing the fabulous history of the GEAB from its creation to today on LEAP2020 website.

Rooted in European history and networks, based on an original political anticipation method, driven by LEAP’s desire for independence and relevance, brave and free, the GEAB has offered, for 10 years, the interpretation of the crisis which, amid the totally chaotic interpretation of the media as well as political response, has remained rational, original, consistent and regularly validated.

>> 100th GEAB issue – Editorial of the 100th to be read here !

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