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Next ICAN Network meeting in Bordeaux, 05/04/2017

Most Citizens of Europe do not want the EU to carry on with “business as usual” as its leaders seem determined to offer. But nor do they want the national(ist) solutions being pedalled by many political forces.  Rather they want democratic change, where a new approach is taken to engage citizens, and give them the prospect of a better future. So now, more than ever, those experienced in and able to make the difference need to stand up and present their ideas.

If you have been or want to become a change agent either working in civil society, or in an institution, company or other organisation, join us to:

  • Create a network across Europe of people who are working on own initiatives either at the level of civil society or within their organisations to make Europe a better and more democratic place;
  • Gather and spread what other change agents are already doing, so as to encourage yet more people to join in;
  • Give visibility to the vast number of initiatives that already exist, but which (unlike the populists) are not as visible;
  • Encourage use of new instruments that allow citizens to gain a more direct buy-in and influence over the direction Europe is taking.

Come and debate on this citizen initiative project with some of the founders of the ICAN Network: Marie-Hélène Caillol (ICAN) and Marianne Ranke-Cormier (AAFB).

Date: 05/04/ 2017, 19h00-21h30

Place: Athenée de Bordeaux

Info/contact: info@franck-biancheri.fr

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