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Strategic meetings held early July online and in Amsterdam

The Franck Biancheri Network gathered online and in Amsterdam earlier this month in order to take stocks of the past year’s achievements and define next year’s priorities.


In short, priority is given to connection with the youth (European Youth Parliament, AEGEE-Europe, Euro-BRICS Youth Platform, etc…). Enhanced valorisation of Franck Biancheri’s conceptual heritage will be achieved through weekly publication on AAFB website (new FBDoc section) of articles from Franck in line with current events. The GEAB will go on unchanged. The Euroland project will be embodied by the Euroland Citizen Agora of Athens (7-10 October). Euro-BRICS continues through the Euro-BRICS Youth Platform with a focus on strengthening the platform. The big focus from September onward will be the launching of LEAP Academy and a complete Political Anticipation-related research and training scheme. The March 11th 2020 Congress will also be a constant concern over the next 4 years…

Just to give you appetite… A lot more coming up !

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