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“ERASMUS… and then what?”, Franck Biancheri (2002)

The success of the ERASMUS programme is undeniable: for over 25 years now, more than 3 million students have been attending 6 months or more of studying in a university of another European country.

In 2002, while the European Commission was celebrating its 1 million ERASMUS students, Romano Prodi had personally reverberated the event in an article underlining the programme’s success and launching some orientations for the future.

However, Franck Biancheri didn’t share the Commission’s (and national education ministry’s) self-satisfaction and thought on the contrary it is high time to propose new orientations in this field and come back to the impetus from which came the original success of ERASMUS: methodological innovation, political audacity and faith in the actors’ dynamism (students and teachers – the only one likely to result in a momentum of financial means and to bring along a sustainable structural impact).

Discover the “Five proposals for a new European policy of education” made by Franck Biancheri in 2002, in the article named “ERASMUS…and then what?

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