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On sale: Booklet “In memoriam Franck Biancheri 2017”

From the beautiful and moving testimonies written by some 30 of his friends on this 5th anniversary of Franck Biancheri’s passing away, was born this illustrated paperback booklet.

It tells about the depth of the trace his message and actions left in so many of us.

Purchasing it supports the activities of the AAFB, whose funding is based solely on membership fees and your donations.

The price of tjis booklet is 15 € + shipping costs (the booklet will only be edited from a certain number of orders received).

⇒ Order here: Booklet “In memoriam Franck Biancheri 2017″


For an extra-price of 30 euros we offer the booklet + the book “Europe: Community or Empire? – an unpublished historical work written by Franck Biancheri in 1992! (Editions Anticipolis)

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ORDER HERE: https://www.franck-biancheri.eu/product/special-gift-two-books-in-memory-of-franck-biancheri-english-version/?lang=fr

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