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The Association des Amis de Franck Biancheri, like all the organisations of the Franck Biancheri Network, is fully self-funded. This original funding model provides great flexibility and considerable autonomy in the choice of actions carried out. It thus allows the network to define its orientations in an independent and civic way.

By becoming a member, you therefore make an essential contribution to the good functioning of the work of memory and perpetuation of the ideas of Franck Biancheri.

Thank you in advance for your support!

Level Price  
Moins de 32 ans / Under 32 €15.00 now. Select
Contribution minimale de soutien / Minimum fee to support our network €25.00 now. Select
Cotisation membres fondateurs / Founding members fee €100.00 now. Select
Contribution minimale donateurs / Minimum donor fee €300.00 now. Select
Personnes morales / Sponsors €500.00 now. Select

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You can also support the actions carried out by our Network, in memory of Franck Biancheri or by European conviction, by other means:

  • Buying books published by Maison d’Editions Anticipolis
  • Buying T-shirts flocked on our “online shop
  • Subscribing to the GEAB (Global Europe Anticipation Bulletin), the confidential bulletin of Laboratoire européen d’Anticipation Politique – a monthly exercise of application to international news of the method of political anticipation developed on the basis of Franck Biancheri’s work
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