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Youth Revolution 21 – GEAB 147 / Sep 2020

The first GEAB of the new school year has just been released! Number 147! Discover the revolutionary articles that paint the picture of the future youths and challenges of the 21st century.

The coronavirus crisis is moving the world into the future. This is true on absolutely all fronts and it has become considerably more complicated to observe the immense societal change. In the thirty or so pages of this issue, emerging themes such as the wild (private) colonisation of space and the immense risks involved, or the disruption of food production methods, will be addressed as components in the new world that is taking shape in 2020. But we should keep in mind that this change is also occurring at time of human transition, embodied by the rise of the younger generations. It is all the more symbolic in the year that the United States has announced that millennials have now exceeded baby boomers as the largest generation in history. It is this trend, one in fast acceleration, that has been chosen to open this issue of GEAB because it is central from a systemic point of view, but also because this revolution could be much more painful than the usually optimistic word “youth” would suggest. The up-and-coming generation is also a pure product of the dying system and its flaws and it will take a lot of courage, intelligence and no doubt a few reality checks to transcend its many handicaps and seize the space that is opening up for it.

The new GEAB is out! In summary:

GEAB No 147 – Youth Revolution 21

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