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Transatlantic Relationship: Reversed polarity – GEAB 146 (15/06/2020)

Over the last 30 years, as a result of world leadership through war, America has lost its former moral credibility and has been financially ruined (in 1989, the US debt/GDP ratio was 50%, today it is 136%),[14] but it has held on thanks to its monetary empire and to its European pillar, the moral and economic security of which underpinned the American power.

In this process, the transatlantic alliance has inevitably turned into a yoke that Europe has constantly attempted to shake off over the last twenty years: launching the euro,[15] refusing to follow the US into the second Gulf War,[16] claiming its own sovereignty,[17] marginalising the United Kingdom,[18] launching INSTEX[19]  and so on. But the more the Europeans raged, the tighter the halter became.[20] That’s the moment D. Trump arrived, seeking to impose his will even more visibly than the others and thereby confirming the decoupling of the EU from the US (calling into question NATO[21] and various trade relations[22]).

As we had anticipated, the two collateral victims of this policy have been the EU, as it has developed since the Maastricht Treaty[23] in 1992, and America, leader of a great world disorder inaugurated by Bush Sr. in 1991. We will not mourn either of them. For beneath the EU and America, we will begin to envisage what Europe and the USA have really become; better than that, we will envisage what Europeans and Americans have become. And, based on that, both sides of the North Atlantic will finally be able to reinvent themselves and rebuild their alliance… -> READ THE FREE EXCERPT: Transatlantic 21: The centre of gravity of the transatlantic relationship is shifting towards Europe

GEAB 146 (15/06/2020) in summary:

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