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[wt_sitemap type=”pages”] [code] [wt_sitemap type=”pages”] [/code] [wt_divider_top]

Pages with number

[wt_sitemap type=”pages” number=”15″] [code] [wt_sitemap type=”pages” number=”15″] [/code] [wt_divider_top]

Pages with deep and number

[wt_sitemap type=”pages” depth=”1″ number=”9″] [code] [wt_sitemap type=”pages” depth=”1″ number=”9″] [/code] [wt_divider_top]


[wt_sitemap type=”posts”] [code] [wt_sitemap type=”posts”] [/code] [wt_divider_top]

Posts with number & withought comments

[wt_sitemap type=”posts” show_comment=”false” number=”10″] [code] [wt_sitemap type=”posts” show_comment=”false” number=”10″] [/code] [wt_divider_top]

Posts with number & specific categories

[wt_sitemap type=”posts” number=”5″ cat=”6″] [code] [wt_sitemap type=”posts” number=”5″ cat=”6″] [/code] [wt_divider_top]

Posts with specific posts

[wt_sitemap type=”posts” posts=”387,388,389,390,391″] [code] [wt_sitemap type=”posts” posts=”387,388,389,390,391″] [/code] [wt_divider_top]

Categories withought count

[wt_sitemap type=”categories” show_count=”false”] [code] [wt_sitemap type=”categories” show_count=”false”] [/code] [wt_divider_top]

Categories withought feed

[wt_sitemap type=”categories” show_feed=”false”] [code] [wt_sitemap type=”categories” show_feed=”false”] [/code] [wt_divider_top]

Portfolios with comments

[wt_sitemap type=”portfolios” show_comment=”true”] [code] [wt_sitemap type=”portfolios” show_comment=”true”] [/code] [wt_divider_top]

Portfolios with number

[wt_sitemap type=”portfolios” number=”10″] [code] [wt_sitemap type=”portfolios” number=”10″] [/code] [wt_divider_top]

Portfolios with specific categories

[wt_sitemap type=”portfolios” cat=”image”] [code] [wt_sitemap type=”portfolios” cat=”image”] [/code] [wt_divider_top]

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