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Post-COVID-19 Europe, Middle East 2020, Financial system 2020 … GEAB 143, 15/03/2020

Free excerpt: What will post-COVID-19 Europe look like?

Reduced mobility,[1] the tourism crisis,[2] the green economy,[3] dematerialisation of the economy,[4] Euroland,[5] digitalisation of central bank currencies,[6] a radical reform of the international financial system, disruption of the European banking system,[7] the end of liberalism, a paradigm shift and, even, our anticipation of a stabilisation phase in 2020[8]… As we entered this new decade, we had to ask ourselves what the catalyst would be for all the upheavals that we had anticipated would occur in 2020.

We did not have to wait long to see that a “pandemic fear”[9] will establish the global systemic transition. Mr. Taleb’s “black swans” don’t matter[10] after all: when a system has to break down, it breaks down… It’s the good old rule of the last straw that breaks the camel’s back… and that’s what we call the “black swans” in the Manual of Political Anticipation: “last straw events”.[11]

The challenge in such circumstances is to think straight, maintaining as much objectivity as possible in trying to discern what will ultimately emerge from the general panic. Of course, this depends on the scale and severity of the pandemic,… Read more on GEAB website: What will post-COVID-19 Europe look like?

In summary:


GEAB 143 – 15 March 2020 The monthly bulletin of LEAP (European Laboratory of Political Anticipation)

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