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In GEAB 132 this month: “Global systemic crisis: A leap of faith”

In GEAB 132 this month: “Global systemic crisis: A leap of faith”

15/02/2019 – The gradual disappearance of the previous world order’s straitjackets of stability (international organisations, treaties, alliances, various regulations…) is becoming alarming. Will this alarm act as a spur or will it turn out to be a bad counsellor?

That is the whole question. Certainly, we do need to change the international system (financial, monetary, democratic, of governance…). Yet, in this process of transformation, there comes a tipping point where the world can only ‘close its eyes’ and jump. But in this leap from one system to another, it is trust that will determine the success of any action. If there is the slightest doubt, we will miss the step.

If we are not mistaken, the world began this flight from one system to another three years ago, when the British asked to leave the EU and the Americans elected Donald Trump. As for the moment of take-off, we can be even more specific than that: the summer of 2018 and the deep questioning of WTO principles by Donald Trump was undoubtedly the final kick across the void.

The other side will be reached somewhere between 2019 and 2020, depending on the wind. -> Read more: GEAB132 (15/02) Global systemic crisis: A leap of faith

In summary, for subscribers:
  • Calendar of future events (February-May 2019): 26 dates that will change the world… or not
  • States-gold-cryptos: the three pillars of the next international currency
  • Nuclear-gas/ France-Germany: Two behemoths to form an Energy Union in Europe
  • International Finance: Decentralised QE
  • Investments, trends and recommendations (Feb 2019)

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