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GEAB in September: Bolton – World – US 2020: An American Perestroika… Questioning certainties

GEAB 137 – 15/09/2019 – Summary

  • Bolton – World – US 2020: An American Perestroika (Free excerpt): In line with our anticipations in 2006 regarding the fall of the second half of the bipolar system centred around Russia and the United States, the recent dismissal of Trump’s security adviser, the neo-conservative John Bolton, is in our view a historic event of the same symbolic significance as Gorbachev’s launch of perestroika[1]. By openly expelling this neo-conservative warmonger, Trump has marked the end of the impossible American empire.

  • Future demographics: questioning certainties: In developed nations, there is a clear trend to living longer and having fewer children. Certain countries have countered this trend through (planned or unplanned) immigration, but this approach also […]

  • 2020: IMF, a collateral victim of the US-China trade war: It’s not only Hong Kong that finds itself in the middle of the crossfire of the US-China trade war. The IMF may also be on the list of collateral victims […]

  • Hong Kong 2025: A suburb of Shenzhen: Between a USD-pegged currency (the HKD) and the reaffirmation of its Chinese nature after its handover in 1997, Hong Kong lies right at the heart of the famous trade war […]

  • Investments, trends and recommendations (Sept 2019): Finance – First openings in the Chinese market Our investment recommendations on the Chinese financial market are not easy to follow due to lack of accessibility. However, gradually the Chinese […]

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