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Geopolitics of Religions: 2020, The Clash of Frankenstein Monsters – GEAB 129 (15/11)

The millions of dollars dumped in South America by evangelical churches have brought the eighth world economic power (Brazil) into their hands, knowing that the first (the US) is already conquered. In Africa, it is the Pentecostals who spread their hatred of others and try to place their aficionados inside the governments. The sixth world power (India) and its huge diaspora exudes a Hindu radicalism in the name of which Christians and Muslims are murdered. Within ASEAN, the so-called ‘saffron’ Buddhists are persecuting Muslims : the act ruthlessly in Myanmar against the Rohingya in the east of the country, but they are also active in Thailand and Sri Lanka. As for the twelfth power (Russia), its ‘Moscow and all Russia Patriarchate’ has proliferated brand new monasteries and churches in all its former zones of influence. Better documented is the damage done by millions of Saudi petrodollars via Al-Qaeda, Daesh, Boko Haram, etc… or the Hezbollah related to Iran. Jewish fundamentalists are colonising the occupied Palestinian territories. Everywhere the same technique and the same objectives are used: financing a radicalism of state religions for expansionist geopolitical purposes. But these movements, partly conceived in secret agencies, have developed a life and path of their own, nourished by the economic and civilisational worries of the people. As of now, they are associating with so-called nationalist political movements and are gradually getting closer to power, leaving the creators powerless to control their creatures. Read more : GEAB 129

In summary

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