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GEAB 138 – October 2019: Brexit, Agenda GlobalEurope, Greece 2020 & USA, Chimicals in Europe …

In summary

October 31, 2019: The great “coup de Trafalgar” of the Anglo-Saxons  – Free excerpt

As an overview and introduction to our GlobalEurope Future Agenda in 56 dates, we anticipate a year’s end full of surprises and reversals – ‘surprises’ in terms of mainstream media thinking, but in line with many of our past analyses.

Brexit: Protectionist England or Protectionist Europe?

At the heart of these trend reversals, there is the upcoming Brexit, which is about to open a new era of globalised commercial relations, naturally placing its designers, the British, at the heart of the game. The link with The British victory at Trafalgar is obvious: the British were outnumbered and about to lose; their Admiral, Nelson, did not survive; but, in the end, Napoleon abandoned any hope of conquering the United Kingdom; and the British gained supremacy over the seas.

Let us take up these different points and apply them to the contemporary situation:

    • Little Britain, alone, isolated from the continent, was not supposed to survive its reckless exit
    • A certain England, the one that ruled the continent for about thirty years via the EU, is dead
    • Europe will not recover the United Kingdom on its own terms; on the contrary, it will be the one having to get in tune with the British
    • The British are about to reposition themselves at the heart of modern global dynamics

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