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Franck Biancheri Year 2015 goes to AEGEE-Paris


AEGEE-Paris will be the second winner of the Franck Biancheri Year award.

To help keep Franck Biancheri’s work alive, AEGEE and AAFB (Association des Amis de Franck Biancheri) have jointly created the FRANCK BIANCHERI YEAR award, in which one AEGEE antenna organizes events related to the legacy of Franck Biancheri during the whole year. Each year we call all AEGEE antennas to hand in proposals and AAFB gives financial and educational support to the best project.
After a successful Franck Biancheri year 2014 in AEGEE-Delft, it’s time for AEGEE-Paris to honor the memory of Franck Biancheri!

FBY2015’s main event: Congress “Europe in Crisis – Erasmus Generation: Towards a democratic alliance”.

This year, the winner has decided to focus most of its efforts on a big event to be co-organised by AEGEE-Paris and the AAFB. Taking place from the 6th to the 8th of March, the event will gather 100 international students members of AEGEE, 20-50 additional non-AEGEE students (with a focus on French students not part of any NGO) and 60-80 members of the Franck Biancheri networks, during a congress entitled: “Europe in Crisis – Erasmus Generation: Towards a democratic alliance” tackling the future of Europe, based upon a reflexion on Franck Biancheri’s ideas.

4000 euros have been awarded to AEGEE-Paris to realize this event.

Launching of Franck Biancheri Year 2015

AEGEE-Paris website
AEGEE Europe website
AEGEE History: 1985-89: The beginning with Franck Biancheri
For more information: www.franck-biancheri.eu
contact: info@franck-biancheri.eu


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