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Franck Biancheri Network


Projects and organisations inherited from Franck Biancheri, and today structured around the AAFB.


  • LEAP2020
  • GEAB
  • IRPA



LEAP (Laboratoire européen d’Anticipation Politique) is an independent future-oriented European think-tank working on two themes mainly : European governance (Euroland) and Euro-BRICS project

Within the framework of its work, LEAP organises seminars and meetings, publishes reports and analyses as well as a monthly Bulletin on the « global systemic crisis » (GEAB), operating on the basis of a network of partner-organisations and individual collaborators.




The Euro-BRICS Process was launched in 2009 by Franck Biancheri as part of the crisis and with the aim of contributing to bringing Europe closer to the BRICS, a promising club consisting of Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa.

The project, although battered by the Euro-Russian crisis which dominated 2014, made sense in this crisis, resulting in a series of Euro-BRICS online discussions on topics such as: the Ukrainian crisis, the conflict oriented globalization process, the academic exchanges and so on … These online meetings brought together groups of about 40 academics and representatives of civil society from the five BRICS countries, but also from various EU states. The first online discussion resulted in a Euro-BRICS joint statement which was sent to the Heads of State and / or of Government of the five BRICS and of several EU countries (Germany, France, Italy …). The online discussion on the topic of the student mobility helped launch the idea of a virtual Euro-BRICS student platform.



A decision support tool

The GEAB is a monthly, affordable, decision and analysis support instrument intended for all those for whom the understanding of future world developments examined from a truly European perspective constitutes a significant part of their work or project: advisors, consultants, financiers, economists, researchers, experts, heads of public institutions, research centers and international businesses, or major NGOs …




FEFAP, or Foundation for Education and Training in Political Anticipation was created in Sevilla in 2012 thanks to the donation provided by Franck Biancheri. His main objective is to teach the Anticipation method created by LEAP through online courses, and thanks to an interactive platform.

Since its creation, FEFAP was modernized in order to offer the students avcomplete and unique training, and to adapt itself to the quick transformation of our current world. These courses are mainly aimed at people who every day need to make decisions at a professional or family level: individuals, professionals, companies, or foundations specialized in innovation.

FEFAP offers a flexible and accessible training format (1 month training: 4 video-conferences, 3 online forums) and promotes Political Anticipation throughout the world thanks to different actions:

  • Creation of the PAN (Political Anticipation Newsletter): a monthly newsletter which sums up the activities of the Political Anticipation Network.
  • Youtube Channel: FEFAP has its very own youtube channel where you can findthe needed information for the understanding of the method, thanks to different videos.
  • Social networks: blog, twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Viadeo… Where you can find some analysis of the news, press reviews, etc…



IRPA – which stands in German for – Internationaler Rat für Politische Antizipation – in English – International Council of Political Anticipation – was founded in order to supervise, check over and improve the Political Anticipation method. The Institution is based in Germany and the main goal is to promote investment in Political Anticipation, the development of its scientific foundations and avoid its misuse. Its the nexus between FEFAP – foundation that teaches de PA method and LEAP – a think tank established to anticipate global economic developments from an European perspective.

The experts network and members are the dynamic engine for the development of the method, arranging online meetings and international conferences to keep an open dialog on Political Anticipation.



The foundation of Anticipolis Publishing is the result of double bet:
• to create a publishing house that is truly European in the sense that it publishes books directly meant for a European readership and therefore immediately translated and released in at least 3 or 4 European languages.
• to propose books trying to decipher the future, in particular our continent’s common future, in order to help European citizens and decision-makers to define more accurately their choices, objectives and hopes.




Newropeans is the first trans-European political movement and its objective is the democratization of Europe. Today it is clear that this objective requires a significant involvement of the people and civil society, which no political party can encompass.

Our aim is to help turn the EU from a bureaucratic top-down project into a democratically managed political entity. Today, we are facing a profound political crisis and a lack of political leadership in the EU which is severely undermining the chances of success of our continent’s integration.

We think that fresh ideas and necessary changes at this time will not come from the national governments or Brussels. Newropeans brings new ideas to the EU and is a tool for citizens from throughout the EU to have their say in European affairs. We take for granted that the European civil society, after 30 years spent fabricating natural European citizens through ERASMUS and the like, is ready for that. This fertile soil only needs watering, and this is what we see as our mission. Our primary added value is our transeuropean nature; it appears that this nature is unique; alone we’ll get nowhere, so let’s start sharing this dimension with the others!

We will only exist for the time needed for democratisation to be achieved. We are totally independent from the EU and national institutions. Our movement is built and financed entirely by our members and supporters.






AEGEE is one of Europe’s biggest interdisciplinary student organisations, striving for a democratic, diverse and borderless Europe. As a non-governmental, politically independent, and non-profit organisation AEGEE is open to students and young people from all faculties and disciplines. Founded in 1985 in Paris, today AEGEE has grown to a Network of 13000 friends, present in 200 cities in 40 countries all over Europe.

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