Accueil / Réseau Franck Biancheri / Salons New European Perspectives – Débat en ligne : A quoi l’Europe post-Covid ressemblera-t-elle ? Jeudi 2 avril / 16h

Salons New European Perspectives – Débat en ligne : A quoi l’Europe post-Covid ressemblera-t-elle ? Jeudi 2 avril / 16h

      Invitation – Débat en ligne: Jeudi, 2 Avril 2020 à 16.00 heures

Movimento Roosevelt lance son premier débat en ligne Europe post-Covid-19

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A quoi l’Europe post-Covid ressemblera-t-elle ? Saisir les opportunités que nous offre cette crise dramatique pour apporter une réponse humaine aux défis de nos sociétés.

Rejoignez le débat, partagez vos contributions et visions, notre Salons New European Perspectives vous ouvre ses portes de son espace de discussion de géopolitique, avec comme conférenciers invités:

  • Marie-Hélène Caillol, Présidente, Laboratoire européen d’Anticipation Politique, LEAP (, Directeur de la publication,  GEABbyLEAP (
  • Marianne Ranke-Cormier, #CitizensRoute
  • Maria Zei, Supervisor Movimento Roosevelt France
  • Marco Moiso, Supervisor Movimento Roosevelt UK, vice president Movimento Roosevelt
  • Roberto Hechich, Presidente Dipartimento Geopolitica e Difesa Movimento Roosevelt
  • Nino Galloni, Economist, vice president Movimento Roosevelt
  • Gioele Magaldi, Presidente Movimento Roosevelt

When a system has to break down, it breaks down… The challenge in such circumstances is to think straight, maintaining as much objectivity as possible in trying to discern what will ultimately emerge from the general panic. Of course, this depends on the scale and severity of the pandemic, but we are terribly tempted to simply go back to our vision of what we have been calling “the world after” for the past 14 years and which we have good reason to envisage being set in place via the immense transition shock sent from China.” By LEAP2040 in GEAB 143, 15/03/2020

Chaos reigns supreme…/… However, there is a great opportunity. Today, more than yesterday, we have the chance to put that neoliberal culture and those austerity policies that have strongly tested our stability and social cohesion in the drawer of bad memories, to open the doors to a society where diversity is a great added value, where freedom and social justice reign undisturbed. Will our ruling class be equal to the challenges and changes that this historic moment offers us? I hope that we will have the courage to face this epochal change for the benefit of the community, not least because all the members in various capacities in the Roseveltian galaxy will be careful observers of the choices that will be made from now on.” By Daniele Cavaleiro, Vicepresidente del Movimento Roosevelt in CORONA VIRUS-COVID 19: UN PO’ DI STATISTICHE RAZIONALI E UNA GRANDE OPPORTUNITA’ DI CAMBIAMENTO, 26/03/2020

Jeudi, 2 Avril 2020 à 16.00 heures

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