Accueil / Année Franck Biancheri / Evènement: Capitalizing youth empowerment! Action seminar 15th-22nd September 2019, Mollina, Spain (anglais)

Evènement: Capitalizing youth empowerment! Action seminar 15th-22nd September 2019, Mollina, Spain (anglais)

Four « Europe2040 » sessions on Youth Participation and Democracy by AEGEE & AAFB/LEAPSpecial Franck Biancheri Award

Youth is the group most concerned about the future and it is the group that has the highest potential for innovation.

This seminar builds up on the years of focus on youth participation and democratization in Europe, in AEGEE – from thematic projects and capacity building to statements and European elections. In the Joint declaration from AEGEE-Europe, AAFB, LEAP2040 – From European Elections 2019 to Europe 2040: Making sure Europe’s nascent democracy serves the interests of the next generations, we call on Europeans to become examples of active citizens both during, before and after the elections, and we call on European society as a whole to include the voice of young people in decision-making processes at local, national and European level. Together we will explore the topic, tools, and projects to reach this.

This action seminar will take place at the 20th edition of the University of Youth and Development (UYD) in Mollina, Málaga, from the 15th till the 22nd of September. In total, more than 200 participants from various partners will be in Mollina for this amazing week.

The UYD is an international hub for meeting, training and action planning, gathering for one week hundreds of young people, youth workers, experts from the field and decision makers responsible for youth-related policies. UYD is a space to explore the concept of global education and global citizenship, to encourage dialogue between decision makers and young people, to advocate for youth participation and to empower young people towards their rights and duties. This year, the UYD will celebrate its 20th anniversary, and special guests and surprises are expected! Get to know the UYD in this video, website and Global YOUth.

This event is an amazing opportunity to not only meet other active youth workers and get inspired but also to share AEGEE values and plans with others.

Four « Europe2040 » sessions on Youth Participation and Democracy by AEGEE & AAFB/LEAP

In the framework of the Mollina 2019 event on Youth and Justice, the three Franck Biancheri related organisations (the European anticipation think-tank LEAP, the memorial association AAFB and AEGEE) combine strengths to set up 4 workshops focussing on « Youth participation and democracy » with a 2040 horizon in mind.

These sessions will build on the method of political anticipation formalised by LEAP, the project of European democratisation conducted by Franck Biancheri and the youth perspective proposed by AEGEE.

They will consist of flat brainstorming sessions along 4 incremental topics :

  • Anticipating democratic risks
  • Theorizing XXIst century democracy
  • Specifying youth duty
  • Strategizing AEGEE’s position.

The expected outcome is a short visionary presentation of the democratic challenges combined with a set of recommendations to position AEGEE as a hub of European youth’s project for the future of democracy.

Download our programme here: Mollina – Programme sessions Europe2040

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