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Doctoral researchers interested in Franck Biancheri’s history, apply to the Henri Rieben scholarship of the FJME in Lausanne!

Amounting to 3,000 CHF net per month in addition to the reimbursement of expenses for the journey (place of residence – Lausanne – place of residence), the Henri Rieben Scholarship of the Jean Monnet Foundation for Europe (FJME) is put in contest for the 10th consecutive year. It allows doctoral researchers from around the world to stay in the premises of the Foundation for a duration of one to three months.

For the first time, Franck Biancheri‘s archives, handed over to the Foundation last March, will be available for consultation and exploitation.

You are interested as a doctoral researcher in the history of Franck Biancheri, in the historicization of the very first trans-European movements and parties, or in the living memory of the democratization of Europe, apply for this scholarship!

👉 We address particularly to the young people and the generation of children of the friends of Franck Biancheri and the Franck Biancheri network, and of course to the students of AEGEE-Europe.

Whatever the discipline of the researchers, their doctoral thesis will have to regard the history or the stakes of the European construction process (or else the relations between Switzerland and Europe). The grant holders selected will be based at the Dorigny Farm, headquarters of the Foundation, located on the Lausanne University Campus.

The complete application must be submitted electronically from the link on our website. The decisions will be notified to the applicants by the end of June 2020. The deadline for applications is 15 March 2020.

The following are required as part of the application file in French or English:

  • A motivation letter specifying duration as well as desired dates for a stay in Lausanne ;
  • A resume and, possibly, a list of scientific publications ;
  • A brief presentation of the research project (2 to 3 pages) indicating the plan and calendar ;
  • A reference letter from the thesis director.

For more informations please consult:

👉 the FJME website

👉 Status of scholarship (in French)

👉 Applications submission (in French)

👉 General archive policy

And let us know if you are interested in! info@franck-biancheri.eu

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