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Covid, NATO, Migrants… What will the next European crisis be? (GEAB 149 / Nov 2020)

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As the media heralds the Democrat candidate’s victory in the US presidential election, Europe is going through another of the great hallucinations that we described last month in the GEAB: “Under Biden, America is back and the world is saved!” And the good news is piling up, starting with the discovery of a miracle vaccine by the US laboratory Pfizer (developed by the German company Biontech in a great symbol of the ‘reunification’ of the two sides of the North Atlantic, supposedly). A few days after the announcement, the stock market rallied. We are therefore going to return to the wonderful world that prevailed before 2016 (before Trump’s election)… A wonderful world of financial crises (2008), wars in the Middle East (Syria 2011), Cold War mentalities (Ukraine 2014), large population exoduses (migrants 2015), the disintegration of the EU (Brexit 2016), etc. It’s as if history had a rewind button after all.

The ‘return to reality’ trend highlighted last month will therefore soon resume its course. But this reality is becoming clearer and will, in our opinion, take the form of a vast reminder of all the crises that Europe has suffered in recent years and even older ones that have only been partially solved: a series of second (rogue) waves.

The shocks that Europe and the world are about to experience is a topic that runs throughout this very dark issue of GEAB. As to this first article, it aims to show the degree to which Europe is exposed to these multi-directional ricochets of these crises. … Read more: Covid, NATO, Migrants… Flashback to all European crises

https://geab.eu/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/GEAB149_A472RVB_EN_Cover-405x572.jpgIn summary:

GEAB 149: What will the next crisis be (15/11/2020)

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