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2019 / Brexit: Towards the reintegration of the new UK into a new Europe (GEAB 116, June 2017)

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Our loyal readers will not have been surprised by the result of Theresa May’s early election. Not only had we put in perspective a defeat of Theresa May, despite the favourable outcome given to her by the polls; but, from Greece to the United Kingdom, we keep repeating that there is no exit from Europe, only some redefinition shocks… for better or for worse.

If the Greek crisis proved the need to change Europe, the Brexit opened the possibility for it. For a year or so it was difficult to know what salad dressing we were going to get: would it be the British mint sauce (taking us to a new alliance of nations) or the mustard sauce of the mainland (upholding the Unionist principles, but regaining control of the institutions in one way or another).

It is not the second British vote that represents the game-changer, but (as mentioned last month) the triple Austrian-Dutch-French vote marking the loyalty of the continentals to the principles of community destiny… It is true that the continentals, unlike the islanders, know atavistically that European wars always take place “at home”.


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