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In memoriam – Franck Biancheri 60th anniversary

Franck Biancheri would have been 60 years old today, the age of a grandfather…

Even though he is no longer here to see his first European grandchildren, they should know all where they came from: the first European citizens’ victories (ERASMUS 1987), the first trans-European social networks (AEGEE-Europe 1985), the first trans-European political parties (IDE 1989), the first trans-European Internet publications (Newropeans Magazine), the method of political anticipation… In order to better see European democracy 30 years after the first struggles, these new Europeans need to know more about this unique history. With that purpose in mind, AAFB was created a few years ago, as an Association made of his Friends and its documentary fund Franck Biancheri Documentation. Also, since 2019, the Fondation Jean Monnet pour l’Europe has been giving access to the living and documentary memory of the incredible achievements Franck Biancheri and his networks had.

Certainly, within this new space governed by the Covid pandemic, concepts like Europe, world, citizens, democratisation, citizenship – subjects Franck had dedicated his life to – may seem futile and fade away in the face of the existential challenges posed by the chaotic dreams of a better world. However, without the landmarks that Franck left behind in his work, and which must be reread in order to intelligently unravel the timethread, we cannot understand the difficulties that this new model is experiencing today, this European community struggling to rise up, so much so that the original aspiration of the founding fathers and the interest of the emerging and future generations were betrayed during the 1990s and 2000s.

Nevertheless, by (re)discovering Franck Biancheri, by rereading and revisiting his work (within everyone’s reach now, because it was addressed to each of us) also allows us to understand how much hope the people of today and tomorrow hold in fulfilling their destiny in the world’s history. And we hope to be seen now as those passing the torch…

RIP Franck Biancheri

Marianne Ranke-Cormier, vice-president AAFB

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