« Antidemocratic and xenophobic forces of Europe have always been attracted by the European unity dream, the mystic of the imperial Rome»
(FB - 1998)
" Being a citizen is a voluntary act "
(FB - 2009)
"Thinking about the future only makes sense if it is aimed at improving one’s thinking about the present and about the trends at work"
(FB - 1998)
"The European project is not a dream, but a hope. It is rooted in rationality, which is not the case with dreams. We Europeans have seen our dreams end in nightmares too often not to be suspicious."
(FB - 2005)
"The strength of a network is judged at the information level of the weakest link, or more precisely the link furthest from the centre of the network."
(FB - 2004)
"Europe's destiny is escaping the two "Greats" and it will come knocking on the door of the Europeans."
(FB - 1989)
"The history of Europe is a bit like a multifaceted diamond. Everyone sees the same diamond... but no one sees exactly the same facets."
(FB - E-storia project, 2004)
"Let us dare the future as the founding fathers of Europe did"
(FB - "From EU to Euroland", 2001)
"The European citizenship can not be decreed. The European citizen can only be born..."
(FB - 1992)
"Every state is a minority in the EU. In any case, let’s not forget that if all our states went into building the EU it is because they all felt too small to face alone both their future and the rest of the world."
(FB - 2003)
"From a single (EU) Currency to a single (EU) Citizenship. The euro is only an instrument."
(FB - 1997)
"An empire is always providing platforms where conflicts and wars prolife­rate... an empire needs enemies, whilst a Community requires partners."
(FB - 1992)
"Europe’s history has taught us that dreams and nightmares are the two faces of the same coin"
(FB - “Europe is Peace” 2006)
"Everybody wants to have a successful enlargement whereas it is a successful enlarged EU which is important."
(FB - 2002)
"It is clear that the existing national political parties can not serve two masters: national and European."
(FB - IDE, 1989)
"It takes teamwork to make Europe move forward."
(FB - 2005)
"There is nothing like one European. The European is a team of Europeans... the only way we can imagine a European, it is a team of people from different countries, not a single man or woman."
(FB - Enschede (NL) 2012)
"On the horizon with a heaven of freedom and a land of responsibility, this is perhaps the soul of Europe."
(FB - 1992)
"The future challenge for the European project is not about Europe anymore, it is about the Europeans."
(FB - 2005)
"The more Brussels speaks English, the less Brussels understands the Europeans"
(FB - 2004)
"Occupy the Future of Europe!"
("What do YOU want as a future for AEGEE?" Franck Biancheri at the 2012 Agora in Enschede)
"To combine new technologies and democratic principles to succeed in the entry of European integration in the 21st century or e-democracy at the service of Euro-democracy"
(FB - EUSV, 2001)
"In the years 00 of the 21st century, democratization can only take place in the perspective of the democratic election of a European executive that remains to be invented."
(FB - EUSV, 2001)
"We must build the European Community, otherwise Europe will soon be culturally Americanised, politically Finlandised and technologically Japanised"
EGEE I, 1984

“En route…for the Newropeans Democratic Marathon”, Franck Biancheri (2003)“En route…for the Newropeans Democratic Marathon”, Franck Biancheri (2003)

After the recent announcement by Yanis Varoufakis of the creation of DiEM25 European political movement , which intends to revitalize the democratic hope in Europe by federating political awareness of the civil society, the AAFB proposes an article retracing the launch of Newropeans movement in 2004, which was presented at that time as the first (and only) party of supranational European inspiration.

Discover the article: “En route…for the Newropeans Democratic Marathon

written by Franck Biancheri (2003) – in english

In 2003, Franck Biancheri did something unique, unprecedented and unrepeated ever since. Him alone toured the whole of Europe during one year, debating on “Where is Europe going?” with citizens in 100 different cities : the Newropeans Democracy Marathon. For this physical and intellectual feat, he was elected European hero of the year by the readers of Time Magazine. But even more importantly, it is on this incredible basis that he tested “15 proposals for an enlarged and efficient Europe” which became the programme of the trans-European political party, Newropeans, that he launched two years later : the 16 proposals, resulting from these 100 debates, the most democratic and trans-European programme ever. Who in Europe can claim such grass-root connection to European public opinion?

Video “Launching of the Newropeans’ european campaign” (2008) – in french

Après l’annonce récente par Yanis Varoufakis de la création du mouvement politique européen DiEM25, qui entend revitaliser l’espoir démocratique en Europe en fédérant les consciences politiques de la société civile, l’AAFB vous propose un article revenant sur le lancement du mouvement Newropeans en 2004, qui se présentait à cette époque comme le premier (et unique) parti politique d’inspiration supranationale européenne.

Découvrez l’article: “En route…for the Newropeans Democratic Marathon

écrit par Franck Biancheri –  en anglais

En 2003, Franck Biancheri réalisa quelque chose d’unique, sans précédent et qui n’a connu aucune répétition depuis. Seul, il a parcouru l’ensemble de l’Europe durant toute une année, débâtant de la question “Où va l’Europe?” avec des citoyens de 100 pays différents: c’est ce qui a été nommé la  Newropeans Democracy Marathon. Ce sont les caractéristiques physiques et intellectuelles de Franck qui lui ont valu le titre de héro Européen de l’année par les lecteurs du Time Magazine. Mais, de manière encore plus surprenante, c’est sur cette incroyable base qu’il a testé les “15 propositions pour une Europe élargie et efficace”, qui sont devenues le programme du parti politique trans-Européen, Newropeans, qu’il lança deux années plus tard: les 16 propositions qui ont résulté de ces 100 débats ont donné naissance au programme trans-européen le plus démocratique qu’il soit. Qui en Europe peut revendiquer une telle connexion avec le opinion publique Européenne? 

Et la vidéo “Lancement de la campagne européenne de Newropeans” (2008) – en français