« Antidemocratic and xenophobic forces of Europe have always been attracted by the European unity dream, the mystic of the imperial Rome»
(FB - 1998)
" Being a citizen is a voluntary act "
(FB - 2009)
"Thinking about the future only makes sense if it is aimed at improving one’s thinking about the present and about the trends at work"
(FB - 1998)
"The European project is not a dream, but a hope. It is rooted in rationality, which is not the case with dreams. We Europeans have seen our dreams end in nightmares too often not to be suspicious."
(FB - 2005)
"The strength of a network is judged at the information level of the weakest link, or more precisely the link furthest from the centre of the network."
(FB - 2004)
"Europe's destiny is escaping the two "Greats" and it will come knocking on the door of the Europeans."
(FB - 1989)
"The history of Europe is a bit like a multifaceted diamond. Everyone sees the same diamond... but no one sees exactly the same facets."
(FB - E-storia project, 2004)
"Let us dare the future as the founding fathers of Europe did"
(FB - "From EU to Euroland", 2001)
"The European citizenship can not be decreed. The European citizen can only be born..."
(FB - 1992)
"Every state is a minority in the EU. In any case, let’s not forget that if all our states went into building the EU it is because they all felt too small to face alone both their future and the rest of the world."
(FB - 2003)
"From a single (EU) Currency to a single (EU) Citizenship. The euro is only an instrument."
(FB - 1997)
"An empire is always providing platforms where conflicts and wars prolife­rate... an empire needs enemies, whilst a Community requires partners."
(FB - 1992)
"Europe’s history has taught us that dreams and nightmares are the two faces of the same coin"
(FB - “Europe is Peace” 2006)
"Everybody wants to have a successful enlargement whereas it is a successful enlarged EU which is important."
(FB - 2002)
"It is clear that the existing national political parties can not serve two masters: national and European."
(FB - IDE, 1989)
"It takes teamwork to make Europe move forward."
(FB - 2005)
"There is nothing like one European. The European is a team of Europeans... the only way we can imagine a European, it is a team of people from different countries, not a single man or woman."
(FB - Enschede (NL) 2012)
"On the horizon with a heaven of freedom and a land of responsibility, this is perhaps the soul of Europe."
(FB - 1992)
"The future challenge for the European project is not about Europe anymore, it is about the Europeans."
(FB - 2005)
"The more Brussels speaks English, the less Brussels understands the Europeans"
(FB - 2004)
"Occupy the Future of Europe!"
("What do YOU want as a future for AEGEE?" Franck Biancheri at the 2012 Agora in Enschede)
"To combine new technologies and democratic principles to succeed in the entry of European integration in the 21st century or e-democracy at the service of Euro-democracy"
(FB - EUSV, 2001)
"In the years 00 of the 21st century, democratization can only take place in the perspective of the democratic election of a European executive that remains to be invented."
(FB - EUSV, 2001)
"We must build the European Community, otherwise Europe will soon be culturally Americanised, politically Finlandised and technologically Japanised"
EGEE I, 1984

AEGEE-Budapest wins the Franck Biancheri Award 2017 !AEGEE-Budapest remporte le Franck Biancheri Award 2017 !

To help keep Franck Biancheri’s work alive, the AEGEE (Association des Etats généraux des Etudiants de l’Europe), which Franck was the founder of, and the AAFB (Association des Amis de Franck Biancheri) have jointly created the FRANCK BIANCHERI AWARD. Each year, with the financial, documentary and educational support of the AAFB, one AEGEE antenna organizes events related to the legacy of Franck Biancheri.

In 2016:

 Logo-FBAward_2016_Cluj 2FBAward 2016 for Cluj-Napoca: In 2016, the Franck Biancheri Award was granted to AEGEE Cluj-Napoca and the YourVisionForEurope team which organized a most valuable conference on the theme “Borderless Europe: Blessing or Burden?” in Cluj-Napoca.

For this 2017 session, the open call for applications launched to all AEGEE antennae, has seen the emergence of many great projects that have led to interesting discussions between the members of the Selection Committee to determine the winner…

After AEGEE-Delft, AEGEE-Paris and AEGEE Cluj-Napoca, it’s time for AEGEE-Budapest to honor the memory of Franck Biancheri and to receive the prestigious award (2500€) from the AAFB in 2017.

AEGEE-Budapest, winner of the “Franck Biancheri Award”, will use the award this year for shaping a big event in the spring 2017 in partnerships with three other AEGEE-Europe’s team projects (Europe on track, More than Education – European Citizens’ Initiative, Civic Education Working Group) and the AAFB. The topic of the event “Educate now, Democratize the future” will take roots in the text written by Franck Biancheri in 2001 “Empower or legitimize the European institutions” (Franck Biancheri, 22/05/2001) when he foresaw the risks of non-democratic deviation arising from the foundations of the EU, mainly based on a common currency instead of a direct, democratic involvement of citizens.

AEGEE-Budapest considers that the lack of civic education is leading to the rise of populism and extreme ideas as well as to a return of hate and separatist movements. Furthermore, this unstable moment of crisis is linked to a democratic deficit and a breach between the citizens and the institutions. This cycle has to be broken to make young people’s voices heard.

>> Complete programme, topics and speakers to come soon.

Lancement de la Franck Biancheri Award

Afin de continuer à faire vivre le travail de Franck Biancheri, l’AEGEE (Association des Etats généraux des Etudiants de l’Europe), dont il a été le fondateur, et l’AAFB (Association des amis de Franck Biancheri) ont créé en 2014 le prix « Franck Biancheri Award ». Chaque année, avec le soutien financier, documentaire et éducationnel de l’AAFB, une antenne locale d’AEGEE s’engage à faire vivre ses activités autour de l’héritage conceptuel de Franck Biancheri.

En 2016 :

Logo-FBAward_2016_Cluj 2FBAward 2016 à Cluj-Napoca: En 2016, le Franck Biancheri Award a été attribué à AEGEE-Cluj-Napoca et  à l’équipe YourVisionForEurope qui ont organisé une conférence à forte valeur ajoutée sur le thème de “l’Europe sans frontière: bénédiction ou fardeau?” .

L’appel à candidatures pour la session 2017, ouvert à l’ensemble des antennes d’AEGEE, a vu émerger de très beaux projets qui ont donné lieu à de longues discussions entre les membres du Comité de Sélection pour parvenir à déterminer le lauréat….

Après AEGEE-Delft, AEGEE-Paris, AEGEE Cluj-Napoca, l’AAFB est heureuse de vous annoncer que c’est au tour d’AEGEE-Budapest d’honorer la mémoire de Franck Biancheri et de recevoir ce prix prestigieux (2500€) de l’AAFB en 2017 !

L’antenne AEGEE-Budapest, lauréate du « Franck Biancheri Award », concrétisera son prix cette année sous la forme d’un évènement d’envergure organisé au printemps 2017 en partenariat avec trois autres équipes de projets d’AEGEE-Europe (Europe on Track, More than Education – European Citizens’ Initiative, Civic Education Working Group) et l’AAFB. Le thème de cet événement, « Éduquer au présent, Démocratiser le futur » prendra source dans le texte proposé par Franck Biancheri en 2001 « Renforcer les pouvoirs ou légitimer les compétences des institutions européennes » (22/05/2001) dans lequel il anticipait les risques d’une déviation non-démocratique des fondations de l’UE, principalement basées sur une monnaie unique au lieu d’une implication directe et démocratique des citoyens.

L’antenne d’AEGEE-Budapest part de la réflexion que l’émergence du populisme et des idées extrêmes, le retour de la haine et des mouvements séparatistes sont certes le fruit d’un manque d’éducation civique auquel il est important de palier mais surtout les conséquences d’un déficit démocratique et de la rupture entre les citoyens et les institutions. Un cycle qui doit être détruit pour que les voix des jeunes gens se fassent entendre.

>> Le programme complet, les sujets traités et les intervenants seront confirmés dans les semaines à venir.

Lancement de la Franck Biancheri Award